“String Theory” Trailer in 2D

“String Theory” Dungeon Scene

"String Theory" by Heart Strings Media is the NEW highly anticipated film stratospherically launching The Gum Rappers!

These incredibly intricate hand crafted marionettes are performed flawlessly by some of the most skilled puppeteers in the country. In "String Theory," Sloop, Yo-Yo, and Thin Ice embark on their first full length adventure. (Fans and followers historically know them for their live theatrical performances in NYC, as well as their music videos, PSAs, and other short form projects.)

In “String Theory”, Sloop, Yo-Yo, and Thin Ice explore Physics, Technology, Music, and Culture from their Flushing artists’ loft while juggling the parallel realities of surviving in NYC and forging their careers as unique musical artists.

 The trio's first film, shot in both 2D and 3D (PuppetVid3D®), is poised to have their stringed friends at Team America wishing they too were artists and musicians!

Critics speculate "String Theory" will be earning the appreciation and following of other pop science super stars like Neil deGrasse Tyson (Cosmos) and Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe).

Kid friendly and unifying in divisive times, The Gum Rappers' "String Theory" explores universal themes as the plot unfolds -- all the time treating us to  their unparalleled musical skills. (Michael Gregory Jackson, musical director).

With their unique perspective on the world as puppets coping with humans—they deal with “makers", "operators", and other "everyday people"—they also come face to face with marketplace competitors including other puppets, CGI characters, robots, and AI. 

Through it all, The Gum Rappers stay optimistic, prevail, and even find their own time portal to the past, changing the course of history and thus forever ensuring their own existence today.

This ground and reality-breaking film is a MUST SEE!