seeing in 3d


The official first trailer for The Gum Rappers pilot film “String Theory” in PuppetVid3D®


Here we have our hero, Sloop, locked deep in the kings' dungeon and reckoning with his impending demise. Thank heavens he has the Court Jester to keep him entertained....

The Gum Rappers are filmed in
spectacular PuppetVid3D

  • Marionettes and puppets are a three dimensional art form that is best viewed in 3D.

  • Heart Strings Media's pioneering technology PuppetVid3D® makes our content viewable in both 2D and 3D on displays that support 3D.

  • You can view PuppetVid3D® on your phone using a viewing device such as Google Cardboard, or on any 3D-phone, computer, TV or projector.

  • 3D video without glasses (auto-stereoscopic) is a new phenomenon as manufacturers around the world invest in this technology, which includes IQ3D, Ultra D, Red Hydrogen Phone, Exceptional 3D (phones), and FlightDeck Commander (tablet).

  • These 3D videos are formatted as half-width side-by-side, and will appear that way to the naked eye when viewed without the proper display equipment. 

  • PuppetVid3D® empowers puppeteers to create in real time using a sophisticated pioneering technique for the creation of 3D imagery. This provides the puppeteer an expressive 3D format paralleling the advancements CGI provided to graphic and visual artists. A few examples of high-profile artists utilizing 3D technology include Brian May of the London Stereoscopic Company (an astrophysicist and best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen) and Director James Cameron of “Avatar”.